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  web3 studio & crypto advisory

     empowering disruptors and guiding web2                                   innovators on their first steps of the crypto journey

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we’ve got you covered in the world of crypto 🤝🏻

research & strategy

researching crypto assets, investment strategy advisory & regulatory help

consulting & support

validating business ideas with our consulting and go-to market strategies

web3 space

bridging established web2 brands into the world of crypto by creating web3 experiences


creating & fully covering decentralized community governance structure setup

nft's & galleries

organizing engaging NFT meet-ups and curating physical gallery spaces


creating workshops covering crypto topics, empowering individuals with knowledge

marketing & comms

scaling projects with marketing strategies focused on user acquisition, media and pr

look on chain

utilizing new insights within in-depth on-chain analytics and transaction thread analysis

why so curious?

Ever wonder why diving into the crypto space is the ultimate power move? Here’s the inside scoop: we’re not just early adopters; we’re pioneers of the crypto frontier.

Why be fashionably late when you can be fashionably early? The crypto journey is just beginning, and the possibilities are as limitless as Elon’s tweets. From decentralized finance (DeFi) to mind-blowing NFT art, every transaction is a step toward rewriting the rules of the digital universe.

crypto natives got your back!

nimble and battle tested team creating and scaling web3 services, products and all things crypto

Martin Hergovic

Martin Hergovic

Partner & Co-Founder

Martin is a crypto regulatory lawyer, business strategist, crypto analyst, and regulatory policy consultant. he has extensive experience in launching, scaling, and consulting start-ups, DAOs, and web3 companies. in addition to this he is a heavy DeFi user and a proud NFT collector organizing community events and galleries.

Daniel Fekete

Daniel Fekete

Partner & Co-Founder

Daniel is a growth expert and marketing strategist with experience as a regional marketing lead for the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. besides this he also has a vast background in building financial products, research, and growth hacking. he enjoys deep discussions about freedom, cyber security, and anonymity.

& more

& more

co-workers and experts

Our wider team consist of various experienced developers, designers and marketing managers who are always ready to deliver best possible results for you.

our experience

besides couple of bear 🐻 markets in crypto

recent work 💻

chain3 Conference

👉🏻 event management & organising

👉🏻 brand strategy

👉🏻 fundraising

👉🏻 media strategy & outputs

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